1) Create an account to get started

The first step you have to do is to signup up to translatestack in order to create an account.

2) Set up your project

After you signed up, it's time to set up your project. In the 4-step onboarding sequence, you have to select your root language of your site, your new languages you want to add as well as your domain.

3) Inject code snippet into your HTML

In order to run translatestack, you have to embed your code snippet before the closing </body> tag. Once you deployed your website and validated the setup in the dashboard, all strings will be fetched and the drop down appears.

4) Add the Page to your Project

Finally, you are able to validate your setup and add the new page to your dashboard. Therefore, go into your translatestack dashboard, click on the top right "Add Page" button, paste in your URL and validate your setup.

Once it is successfully validated, all strings will be fetched, translated and show up in your dashboard.

Any questions left or you have problem with your set up? Please feel free to contact our support our reach out directly over Twitter.

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